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Objective :             Seeking a challenging and professional career in the design and development of application software, where my knowledge can be shared and enriched.


Profile  :             Around 6 years of experience in Information Technology field, in developing solutions using oracle as back end and visual basic / Developer 2000 as Front End tools. Also has expertise in web designing using FrontPage.


Technical Profile:


Operating System

: Windows 98, NT, Ms-DOS, UNIX, Linux

RDBMS : Oracle
GUI : Visual Basic, Developer 2000
Language : C, PL/SQL, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript
Packages : Ms-Office, FrontPage, Firework, Image  Composer, Anfy Java, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro.
Work Experience:
Company Saudico Electronic System.
Position Programmer &
Customer Support Engineer
Work Period From July 2003 till date...
Work Profile

Work Experience:
Company Safwat Al Enjaz For Programing
Position Programmer
Work Period From July 2001 till May 2003.
Work Profile
Safwat  Al Enjaz is a software development house located in Riyadh.
Company : AL- Jazerah Technology Co.
Position : Programmer
Experience : From November 2000 till July 2001
Work Profile

AL-Jazerah Technology Co. (JTCO) is a Riyadh based software development company. JTCO has many projects in different field. It has collaboration with Arab Turkey System (ATS – www.atsware.com), which is a Amana’s based Jordan’s software giant. JTCO is providing customization and implementation of software solution by ATS in Kingdom. It has software solutions in fields like Health Management information system, Education management information system, and financial and administrative management system. In Health Management system, JTCO has a solution branded as Careware®. It has implemented the Careware® system in Dallah Hospital, Riyadh and is also responsible for maintenance of this system.

I am working as a programmer. I had designed the websites and also developed a client Followup management system. I am mentioning some projects done at JTCO.
1)             www.jazera-tech.com.sa - This web site is of our company, completely designed by me. I had used HTML, FrontPage, Image Composer, Gif Animator etc, for designing this web site.  This site is yet to be uploaded.
2)             www.al-qasabi.com.sa - This web site is of Al-Qasabi Contracting Co., Having information about the different activity and product of the company. This site is also completely designed by me.
Title : Client Followup Management System
Client : JTCO
Duration : 1 Month
Team size : 1
Role : Programmer
Development tool : Oracle and Developer 2000.
Description : This is a Client Followup Management System. This system helps the manager, marketing department and they’re personal, and other to keep track on their clients and the user can know the current status of the client. Oracle is the used as a back end database and Developer 2000 is the front end GUI tool for developing this system. I develop this system exclusive, within a fourth nigh.
Company : Systron Micronix Pvt Ltd.
Position : Programmer cum Web designer
Experience : From April 1998 to September 2000
Work Profile

Systron Micronix Corp. is a leading company in central India, for web hosting solution, web designing and software development. It has a vast clientage in Central India, providing solution to big business houses in central India. Www.tuligroup.com is one of our prestigious clients. Systron is providing web-hosting solution to Satyam, Nagpur branch. It has high-speed Cobalt RAQ2 servers in USA. Systron is also providing domain registration service through web site www.registrarofdomains.com. Our company is maintaining a portal site on India viz. Www.indiavision.com. Another portal www.nagpurvision.com is the Nagpur city portal site. This site has information about Nagpur City, online games, chat center, poll zone, discussion forum etc.

I had worked as a programmer cum web designer. I had designed www.nagpurvision.com. My work includes designing and developing application in Oracle & Visual Basic / Developer 2000. I had listed some projects done by me.
www.nagpurvision.com – this is a portal site on Nagpur, a city in India. I had designed this site. I was also responsible for managing the add banners on this site.
www.indiavision.com – this is a portal site on India. I had designed the tours module.
www.dartcomputers.com – this web site is of Dart Computes, Nagpur , a computer manufacturer. I, using FrontPage and Firework, have designed this site.
www.pacificomputers.net – this site is of a computer education institute in Nagpur
www.fireandsafetyinst.com – this web site is of a fire engineering college. The site has been designed using FrontPage and Image Composer.
www.iqnagpur.com – this is another portal on Nagpur city.
www.personal-teacher.com – this web site in for online examination.
www.registrarofdomains.com – this is a domain registrar web site.
www.systron-micronix.com – this web site is of our company.
www.systron.net – this is also our companies web site.
www.kjvalloys.com – this web site is of M/s. K J V alloys.
www.linksongroup.com – this web site belongs to Linkson groups.
www.nagpurvision.com/~siticables – this web site is of a local cable operator.
1) Title : AutoPart Management System
Client : SK Jain Motors.
Duration : 2 Months
Team size : 1
Role : Programmer
Development tool : Visual Basic and Oracle
Description : The project was software for managing the spare parts. This software was designed using Oracle as Back-End and Visual Basic as Front-End tool.
Title Order Processing For VIP Industries through Net
Client VIP Industries.
Duration 4 Months
Team size 6
Role SQL Programmer and Web page designer
Development tool Visual Basic, My SQL , Access and  FrontPage.
Description This is a online order processing for there clients.
Company Softech Solution
Position Jr. Programmer
Experience From April 1995 to Feb. 1998
Work Profile
Softech Solution is a software solution provider company. Our company has designed & implemented several software using FoxPro and Access.
I was responsible for designing part of the software. I had done coding part of the software developed using Visual FoxPro, Dos based FoxPro and Access.
Title Library Management System
Client Pacific Computes.
Duration 1 Month
Team size 1
Role Programmer
Development tool Oracle, Developer 2000.
Description This project was an small software for Library Management for the Computer institute
Title SQRG Accounting Package
Client For completing the ADCSSAA course.
Duration 2 Months
Team size 4
Role Programmer
Development tool FoxPro
Description This is a financial accounting package, completed till trial balance.
Title Autoparts Management System
Client Kumar Motors.
Duration 2 ½ Months
Team size 3
Role Programmer
Development tool Visual FoxPro
Description This project was a motor spare part management system. Designed as per the actual requirement of the client, Kumar Motors.
Academic Qualification:
Professional Qualification:
  • Microsoft Certificate System Developer
  • Master Diploma in Web Designing
    (Web Designing using FrontPage)
  • Diploma in Web Programming
    (HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl, Ms-SQL, Java)
  • Masters Diploma in RDBMS
    (Oracle, Developer 2000 and Visual Basic)
  • Advance Diploma in Computer Software System Analysis Application (ADCSSAA)
    (Fundamental, Ms-DOS, WS, C, Introduction to C++, FoxPro 2.5, System Analysis and Design, DTP, Windows, MSOffice 97)
  • Diploma in Advance Computer Application
    (Computer Fundamentals, Ms-DOS, Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FoxPro & Internet.)
  • Diploma in Desktop Publication (DDTP)
    (Venture, Page Maker, CorelDraw)
Personal Details:
Date of Birth 10th July 1975
Nationality Indian
Religion Islam
Martial Status Single
Sex Male
Language Known English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic
Passport Number A-1469476
Place of Issue Nagpur, India.
Date of Issue 10th December 1996

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