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Dadu .. My GrandFather ...

My Grand Father "Syed Ghouse"

Abba... My Beloved Father.. I Love Him The Most ...

Chachu.. My Ideal ... I Always try's to Follow His Footsteps ...

My Father "Syed Khwaja Moinuddin"

My Chacu " S K Shamsuddin"


Bhaiyya, S.K.Sirajuddin

My Elder Brother "S K Sirajuddin"

S.K.Qutubuddin, i.e., Me.. :)

This Me "Syed Khwaja Qutubuddin"

Arch. Mobin.. Smartest of all in our family.. Don't you see it.. :)

My Younger Brother "Syed Mobinuddin"


Umar.. Yes it his Pet name.. This is my Chacharay Bhai.. (Cousin Brother) ..

                    My Cousin Brother

Nadeem. My Chachara Bhai.. (Cousin Brother) He look like of My Chachu..

My Cousin Brother

Hafiz Uzaire Sahab.. Yes we have call him with respect as he is Hafiz a Quran.. He is also my Cousin Brother.. He too is Smart in our Total Family.. :)

My Cousin Brother                   


Luthfi.. A smart One One His Second Brithday :)

My Elder Brother Son "Syed Yatasamudin"


Arch. Mobin.. My Younger Brother...

"Syed Mobin"

Syed Qutubuddin


My Dear Luthfi..


Yes This is too me... :)

"Syed Qutubuddin"

Mobin On The Dinning Table In Reshma's Marriage


Abba In Bhaiyya's Marraige..


Stylish Luthfi..


Yes This is also Syed Qutub... :)

"Qutub" that me :)





Luthfi Wearing the Glass.. :) You Look Smarter without Glass Yaa Luthfi.. :)

" Dr. Lutfhi "


This is Me - Click For Large Image

This is Me - Click For Large Image

Cute Little Luthfi.. In His 1st Birthday Dress.. :)

Cute Little Luthfi. In His 1st Birthday Dress.. :) "

Horse Rider Lutfi.. :)



This is Arooba - Daughter of My Sister !!

"Aruba" My Elder Sister's Daughter.

This is My Father & Mother

" Abba and Amee "