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I had given the Details about My Brothers here :



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My Younger Brother :
Arch. Syed Khwaja Mobinuddin ( I call him Mobin )
Syed Khwaja Mobinuddin, alies Mobin is my younger brother and he is Architecture by Profession. He is very slim , trim and Handsome.... Yes you can see his photographs below this. He is having his own site 

Arch. Mobin.. If You Wish You Can Call Him Mob.. Hi Mob .. :)

Click Here To Visit Web Site of Mobin -

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My Elder Brother :
Syed Khwaja Sirajuddin ( I call him Bhaiya)

Syed Khwaja Sirajuddin, alias Siraj, people call him siraj but I call him Bhaiya as he is elder then me. What should I say about him, he is not having his site too. He is the Founder of Syed Group of Companies. He is also the Chairman of this Group. He is the ceo of Systron Microinx Pvt Ltd. He is also the Owner of the domain registration firm, RegistrarOfDomains, Inc. He is having lot of compnies in his credit. 

S.K.Sirajuddin, My Elder Brother..

Syed Khwaja Sirajuddin own the following companies:
1) Systron Microinx Pvt Ltd.
2) RegistrarOfDomains, Inc.
3) The Contruction World Real Estates Corp.
4) Al-Tejarath International Trading Company
5) Sanaa Eatables
6) Sunna Rural Pvt Ltd.

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